How to Design the Perfect Window Treatments and Soft Goods for Your Home

Today we’re showing you behind the scenes of how we work with clients to create custom window treatments tailored uniquely to their space and lifestyle.

If you have a bare window ready to be dressed, you’re going to want to see this!

A new home or remodeled space is an opportunity to play with new design styles and express your personal taste. You may not have considered window treatment ideas yet, but they’re a practical and stylish part of every room. Don’t make it a last-minute decision. Instead, put some thought into how to choose window treatments for your home. 

Determine your home’s design to get window treatment ideas that will suit the space. The style of your home’s exterior and the way you decorate the inside will contribute to the design theme.

The perfect window treatment for your space depends on the room’s size, lighting, style and even your lifestyle.Think about the type of operation and style you want for your window treatments and decide if you’ll use an inside or outside mount.

As you’re considering other aspects of your home, you might wonder — are window treatments necessary? They’re an essential part of interior and exterior decor, so whether you follow window treatment trends or pick something that suits your style, you’ll get these benefits:

Privacy: As a homeowner, window treatments are essential for privacy. You want areas of your home, especially bedrooms and bathrooms, to have privacy from passersby and neighbors.

Window treatments are stylish ways to do that while maintaining your window’s function to let in light and air.

Sun protection: If you want to keep the sun out of your home, whether to protect your furniture and floors from fading or yourself from UV rays, window treatments will help.

Efficiency: You lose about 30% of your home’s heating energy through the windows. Window coverings help your home retain heat in the colder seasons and keep sunshine and heat out during hot seasons.

Decoration: A furnished room without window treatments may look incomplete. Window treatments are essential accessories that tie the room together.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, we’ll walk you through what you need to know about picking window treatments for your home.

1. In-Home Consultation

Our simple design process helps guide you in selecting the ideal window treatment style as well as selecting amongst the vast selections of options as well as fabric choices. In short, it turns an overwhelming decision into a fun, transparent choice. 

Our design team will bring samples to view in your home with your lighting and home’s decor and will collaborate with you to design the perfect window coverings for your home or office. We will walk you through every detail, listen to your input, address any of your questions and fine-tune the details so that the final product is completely customized to you.

2. Careful Creation in Our Workroom

Once the design and materials have been selected, our team will coordinate and manage your full project, including the ordering and receiving of materials. Your window coverings are handcrafted by skilled artisans and are designed and created to meet our discerning standards as well as fabricated to meet current safety standards. 

Check out our process here.

3. Installation & Assembly

We will then schedule, expertly install, and dress your custom window coverings. Our professional installers are experienced and highly trained ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Beautiful by Design makes it simple and fun to create bespoke custom window treatments that you love, while managing your deign project from concept to completion, so it’s done right the first time!

If you’re ready for window treatments that elevate your space to the sophisticated haven you dream of, let’s talk!



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