Why Hire a Window Treatment Designer? Here’s What You Need to Know…

As a home or business owner, you realize that certain factors affect the functionality, efficiency, and appearance of your space. One such factor? Treatments from a window professional.

Window coverings are an important addition to a room. They effectively change the look, making the space more comfortable and appealing.

At Beautiful by Design, we specialize in all aspects of window treatments. We have an extensive collection of designer fabrics and shade options. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality window covering solutions and installation services to all our clients.

So, today we are pulling back the curtain to share the many reasons why it is a smart investment to hire a window professional for your project. Let’s get started…


Insider Tip 1: We Have Perfected the Process

We have developed a step-by-step seamless design process from our initial phone call to final installation. Our trained professionals listen to your needs and design preferences while staying in line with your budget.

When working with our team, we ask for inspiration photos so we have a clear idea of your design direction. Or we can provide various design options so you can visualize what the options are. And if you find yourself torn between various choices of window treatments, we will help you through the process.

We stay in contact with you and provide regular updates on the status of your project. Communication is key towards a successful project outcome.


Insider Tip 2: We Are Experienced Professionals

It may seem tempting to turn to a big box retailer for your drapery, blind, and shutter needs. But, there are numerous benefits to hiring a window treatment professional to help you decorate your windows.

The following are some of the reasons why you should leave your window treatments to the professionals…

Window Professional Installation Expertise

Treatments are never simple, even if the installation only involves a few drills. Window components are interconnected, so installing any window treatment is often more complicated than it looks.

Hiring a professional window treatment company ensures that each one of your drapes, blinds, or shutters is measured accurately and installed professionally.

So, if you want to skip the stress of wondering which part of the frame to size, or how to install the valance, hooks, or connectors, then contract the services of someone who has made custom window treatments their business (like us)!

You will end up with polished, level coverings. There won’t be any unnecessary cosmetic damage to your window frames or drywall because our installation experts are well-trained. And we have the exposure and experience to handle any necessary repairs.


Cost-Effective Guidance from a Window Professional

Hiring an expert will help you get price estimates of hardware and window coverings. With professionals, you will have accurate information about the materials needed to install your window coverings efficiently without hidden costs surfacing later.

Window Professional Energy-Saving Benefits

Are you a homeowner looking for ways to save money? Window treatments can go a long way in making your house more energy-efficient and keeping your home comfortable throughout the year.

Window treatments reflect solar radiation away from the windows, reducing the amount of heat building up in your home during the hot months. They help you stay cool during the summer.

These same window coverings act as an additional insulation layer to your home, preventing the heat from escaping and the cold air from getting into the house, keeping you warm during the winter.

Insider Tip 3: We Are Budget Conscious

We have several price ranges for you to choose from for all fabrics, hardware, trims, and shades. Some clients may choose to splurge on motorization and go with a mid-end fabric. Others may select the highest quality fabric with manual pulls. We work within your budget.


Insider Tip 4: We Offer In-Home Consultations

To get a true understanding of how your drapes or blinds will look, window treatment companies, including ours, provide in-home consultations, where you can touch the fabrics and see the colors up-close in your own home.

Plus, a professional will have the experience to help you make the best design selection for your windows. We have the skills to match your treatment to your new or existing style and colors.

Rather than driving back and forth to home supply stores loaded with paint chips and fabric swatches, you can bring the store home to you through an in-home consultation with our team.


Insider Tip 5: We Give Personalized, Valuable Advice

Window treatment experts give you valuable advice you won’t find in a big box store. With us, you won’t be getting the advice of someone with a weekend of training. And you won’t be stuck wandering a store to ask for help from someone who doesn’t even work in the department.

Windows are our dedicated trade, and we have years of experience to back up our recommendations to you on design, fabric selection, pattern, color, measurements, and installation.

So, before heading off to your local retail store to decorate your windows, consider the benefits of hiring a window covering company. We will design, measure, and install your new window treatments to perfection.

If you’re ready to take the next step, we suggest meeting with our team to determine if we are a good fit. We have outstanding referrals and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in motorization, product, and safety features.

What are you waiting for? Schedule your consult today! We can’t wait to help beautify your windows.


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